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Thread: Mike Rowe Selling WIPO Book

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    Mike Rowe Selling WIPO Book

    Ebay Auction of Mike Rowe's WIPO book

    As I post it, it's now priced at $45,000USD. Now, I know it has some interesting value but come on. Seems a bit high?
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    I wish I'd thought of registering that domain - the sheer amount of publicity he's got from it (plus a free training course from Microsoft IIRC) plus the money he'll get from selling something which is basically a bog-standard legal document.

    I don't see why anyone is bothering to bid for that item on eBay though. If you want it so badly, just register or something, publicise it on Slashdot etc. and then wait for a free copy from Microsoft.

    I also find it highly amusing that Mike says "Sorry, I will not be accepting bidders with 0 feedback. If you have 0 feedback and are serious, please contact me via the contact seller link at the top of this auction so that I may verify your intentions." - when he himself has 0 feedback on eBay. A tad hypocritical don't you think?
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    $101,300 rigt now... heh... Shrekkie should try selling the documents he got from the DreamWorks-people!

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    $105,100 and counting. What I want to know is why would somebody purchase something like this? Is this gonna be a new form of collecting. If so then I need to get ahold of Shrekkie!

    And they say stuff like this doesn't pay. Hey anybody wanna give me some cash for or how about micro$ I'll be happy to fix up some custom parody logos and garphics. Just send me a PM


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    $115,600 and counting

    don't forget that he also got a free xbox.

    I'm gonna die if this dude really gets all this money. lol

    I think if I had a etc domain name I would want free software from them for the rest of my life, free games/consoles/courses. I would also want my own dedicated server from them, and a T3 line ran to my house

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