I am working to setup an openbsd firewall through the BSD wall script and according to its hardware requirements I only need 100mb of hardrive space. Keeping this in mind I want to use the smallest hard drive that I have available which is 212.6MB and I was wondering how this should be partioned to make an effective firewall. The OpenBSD recommendations show larger amounts of hard drive allocation then what is suggested is possible on the BSD wall page. Tried googling it didnt find anything helpfus so thought I should ask for some help.

Also has anyone ever used this script and is it effective? What I am trying to do is setup a OpenBSD Firewall that is decent right out of the gate (a little instant gratification) but will give me the opportunity to tinker with it to learn more.

Another thing is what partitions should I create I was thinking:

Though I am probably missing one that would be a good idea to have. My proposed system is a old HP pavilion with a 133 mhz pentium with 16mb of ram and a Caviar 1210 212.6 MB HD