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Thread: Looking For Old Post

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    Looking For Old Post

    Hey all,
    Im looking for two old post from over a year ago from a banned user.... I haven't had much luck finding them but i hope their not lost forever.

    I cant remember the exact names of the threads but heres what i do know...

    writer: NetSyn
    contained: Poem
    general info: they were two poems posted up basicly side by side and i believe the thread name was Poem by netsyn and sumthing elese...

    If JP could search old backups it would be very cool of him but w/e

    doubt anyone saved them but if so please post them up <3

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    A Poem for Bin Laden.

    It's likely in one of the Archives (last forums listed at the bottom of the forum listings). Do you remember what the poems were about?
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    stv6669 welcome back. I guess you haven't been around in a while.. JP sold the site to JupiterMedia.

    All the poems were posted in the cosmos forum.. in the 30-40 pages back area.
    Rewandythal posted a few good ones too from what I recall.

    here are the two I think you were looking for.

    Lost Love Poem *by netsyn*

    Poem Of Love By NetSyN

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    w00t ur the best jenjen! ive been trying to find thoes for ages now ty much wish i could pay u back someway because u deffinitly made me smile


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    hey steve.. if you're smiling, then I've been paid back already

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