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Thread: NET SEND command

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    NET SEND command

    I am trying to send a msg over the internet using net send command. Here's what I typed in DOS: NET SEND * (ip add) (msg), i am getting an invalid command prompt. I tried to search for the right command in google and it seems like my command is right. Why can't I initiate NET SEND?

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    Because you aren't using Win2k or XP? That would be my first guess.

    What OS are you using?
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    shes using windows 98fe

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    I'm using win cannot do it with win 98??? grrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    for windows 98 there's a program called winpopup. It's either in the C:\WINDOWS directory or C:\WINDOWS\system. just run that and you can send net send messages with it. Not sure if it will work over the internet though. I think you have to use the NetBios name instead of the IP. But give it a shot anyway. I'm sure there are other tools out there also. Good luck.

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    yeah h3r3tic.. that tool only works on a LAN..

    Amplifiedgirl.. even if you had XP and tried it.. it wouldn't work for those who have been smart enough to disable messenger services.. too many scriptkiddies and spam places exploited it.

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    NetBios? hmmm what is that?

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    I tried going to C:\WINDOWS\system there's bunch of programs in there, which one should I open?

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    winpopup.exe , you can launch it by going to Start -> Run and typing winpopup.

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