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Thread: IP changing?

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    IP changing?

    I was wandering if its possible that an attacker can change your ip? My friend that I built a computer for boots his comp. up one day and he couldnt connect to the internet,Now I tried everything under the sun to fix it. It finally came to wiping the harddrive reinstalling winxp. And it still would not connect? I was dumbfounded.So two days later he calls me and tells me that he had called comcrap(comcast)and they run the ipconfig.exe and that fixed it.

    now he is running a hub that feeds internet to his computer and another old one that is running win98se and as far as I know there is no security for the hub itself if there is even a need for it I dont know anything about hubs(and I know he needs a firewall)...But it seems to be like a router and I know that routers are frequently
    attacked in an easy manner, I have no idea how but anyway thought I would get possible answers here what do you guys think??

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    As far as i know he could't change your could also tell us what ISP he is running and what connection...DSL ips change every time with a does cable i think but am not sure. For DSL its certain, but i dont really understand what the problem was...he couldnt connect to the internet because of his ip? wtf lol

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    Yea I guess , I tried to reinstall ie before wiping drive but it did nothing.when I tried to access windows restore it would not let me in and gave a error like "win32 dll library not accessable" or something. the isp is comcast and its cable. keep in mind im not computer expert
    I have done 12-volt electronics my whole life and messing around with computers for about 5 years.he has antivirus and we scanned the system but thats not to say that it wasnt a virus so I dont I guess its not that important becuase its fixed ... just real strange

    He just opened ie one day it wouldnt connect. I tried everything I could think of like lan settings in the options menu. Detect network settings.connection wizard, and I forgot to tell you that the other computer thats on the hub was still connecting the whole time. We even tried to use the port and ethernet card from old computer .Not until he ran ipconfig.exe it then fixed whatever was wrong ,Im a lamer what can I say......

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    We even tried to use the port and ethernet card from old computer
    uh, do you think it's possible that this was changing the ip ?
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    Er... are you sure he just didn't have the wrong settings on his router/hub/switch/whatever? Maybe the dhcp thing wasn't working, or he had a private IP instead of a internal network one? Or if he doesn't have a router or something like that, maybe he moved the eth card into another slot, and the MAC addy changed, there are some ISPs that record the MAC addy, and use it to give the user an IP.



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    Hi Everyone

    I am having a similar kind of problem, Everytime when I want to check mail (outlook express, win98se) the server pop settings and smtp settings change to I have to change to my settings to and which is the original. There are 2 more computers connected through the browsegate proxy server for internet access. I am using zonealarm for firewall.

    What could be the reason.

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    pZargs, it's possible that they ran "ipconfig /release" . Some ISP's have a preset life for an IP address. After this is over, you must obtain a new one.


    PS: As, MB said, check your DHCP settings.
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    Can you be a little more specific about "running ipconfig, and it fixed it"?

    Was it ?
    > ipconfig
    > ipconfig /all
    > ipconfig /renew
    > ipconfig /renew {card}*
    > ipconfig /release {card}

    What is the message that comes back when you run > ipconfig ? -- that will tell us a lot.

    ...and, I apologize for the obvious questions: this card worked in another system? Cable OK? etc., basic trouble shooting...

    I have had cards that were physically bad that would occassionally dump the TCP/IP stack and/or just randomly work/not work.

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    pZargs, it's possible that they ran "ipconfig /release" . Some ISP's have a preset life for an IP address. After this is over, you must obtain a new one.
    well if they (isp) did run "ipconfig/release" then they must have changed the ip address of all the hosts ,isn't it ? which means all the hosts have to be disconected to the same period of time . quite unlikely !!

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    With Comcast all you need to do to change your IP is to unplug your cable modem for 2 min and after you reconnect they assign you a new IP. If I had to bet during the "ip config" they (concast) had him unplug his cable modem. Then they had him restart his computer.

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