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Thread: registry problems:(

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    registry problems:(

    i got a trojan and tried to c how it works on my personal pc
    the problem started when i 4got to un install the server of the trojan b4 restarting my pc:S
    now the problem is as follows
    the anti-virus and my firewall r killed
    no startup icon they run in the back ground
    first when i try to open any of my options in the control panel
    it gives an error as follows
    " Windows cannot find "rundll32.exe",make sure u typed the name correctly then try again"
    when i try to run the regedit it gives the following error
    " windows cannot find"regedit" blah blah blah"

    i tried to restore the system but no restore points and it dont work as most of the fuctions:S
    even in safe moode the same errors
    how can i fix this??

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    **** happens
    whats the name of this nice trojan?
    may be trendmicros sysclean can help
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    what's that phrase ? "you play with fire, you get burned"

    na.. so what trojan was it ? couldn't you just google the name and visit an antivirus site and try a manual removal ? how about putting in your OS cd, boot off of it and doing a restore ?
    I'm assuming you have another computer or you probably wouldn't of made it here..

    and we kinda need a bit more info from you in order to help.. which OS ? which trojan ? would help for starters.

    edit : one thing that has helped me in the past when regedit wouldn't start..

    I slaved the bad drive, scanned and cleaned it and then edited the system.ini file
    and where it normally says..


    change that to


    you will then boot up and right into your registry editor where you can make your changes to need.. then of course you have to change your system.ini entry back to Explorer.exe

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    This my friends (or fellow fools) is a perfect example of a script kiddie, and why you don't want to be like them. Why would you install a trojan on your computer? That's like me saying "Hey, I installed a rootkit on my server, and I got hacked." or in ratman's case "Hey, I give root access to everyone on my computer, and it got hacked, help me". You just don't do stuff like that. Also, speaking atleast a bit better (No one is perfect) might help you out a bit.)

    As for fixing it, what OS are you using? Have you tried a recovery from the install CD?



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    Unless you know what the trojan does do not install it, especially the server. That's what it's designed to do. Hide itself from running processes, change registry settings, and kill your other security measures such as AV and firewall.

    Since there are hundreds of trojans out there, I could not tell you how to get rid of it. I would try tlsecurity to see if they list it and how it works.

    You had it coming if you chose to be a tard.

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    i made a free online scan at trendmicro
    then got my KAV to work and re scanned my pc
    about why i installed the trojan
    i wwas examinng the notification methods
    now my problem is with the registry how can i repair it
    the OS is xp sp1
    the trojan Optix Pro v.1.3

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    Windows XP users
    Click Start, and then click Run.
    Type command, and then press Enter. (A DOS window opens.)
    Type the following:

    cd \windows

    Press Enter after typing each one.

    Proceed to step C of this section.

    Type copy regedit.exe

    and then press Enter.

    Type start

    and then press Enter. (The Registry Editor opens in front of the DOS window.)

    After you finish editing the registry, exit the Registry Editor, and then exit the DOS window as well.
    btw. where can i get the server??
    do you have the client or how does it work?
    you have a lot of trouble so it should have some use for the community

    plz tell us about the optix !!
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    I play around with trojans all the time...keeps me in the know. But I sure as hell dont put it on the pc that I use for everything else!

    If you're going to play with stuff like viruses and trojans for their "educational value" (and there is educational value if they are used in the correct context) You need a special setup.

    I use several boxes of varying OSes on a seperate lan connected by double pix firewalls and a proxy to my home network. The lab network has no direct internet connectivity, and the only way to access it is either through the proxy or by simulated dial-in, for which I use a dedicated machine that is wiped after every session.

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    What I would do is wipe the entire disk and do a clean install. but before you do that I hope that you made backups of all important data before you decided to toy around with the virus And for future testing I would use a spare machine that you don't use that often and doesn't matter if you have to reinstall the O.S over and over again and another smart idea is to keep it off the internet.

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