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Thread: Computer Crash

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    Computer Crash

    My pc crash due to a power outage.I have to reinstall XP.I boot up with cd,format my Ntfs partition & reload windows.After the setup I put all my favorite proggies back,but what I notice was that after install some progams that some of the programs was not really removed from my system cause most of the configurations was still intact.So the format didnt really remove all the settings in the registry

    Can anyone please help to clear this up for me.

    Thanks !!
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    Just fyi, this is not really a security issue. This belongs in GCC...


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    1. Did you run "format" or "fdisk"?
    2. Did you run a windows "repair" or a "clean install"
    3. Are you experiencing any problems with the re-installed XP?


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    Did you really reinstall XP?
    Maybe you just did not use the right utility and the disk was not fully, or partially formatted.


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    yup, he probably used the quick-restore feature in most PCs. They just change the machine settings to factory defaults, and repair registries and other crap while not removing your installed files.

    Make sure your Install "Reformats" the HDD when you try to reinstall windows.

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    Well I didnt run fdisk, I boot up & format with my Xp installtion cd.I ran a clean installation & it went down well without any problems.My windows are still running very smooth.I could not quick repair,because for one or the other reason it did not work.
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    Hm... It sounds like XP install didn't format HDD. It just made clean install, erasing what was in c:\windows. Some programs have their settings in .ini files in c:\program files\<program name>

    Or, maybie you have two partitions/drives, and you formated just first one...

    anyway, when you make clean install registry is overwriten, so only settings programs can keep is in program files
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    Just fyi, this is not really a security issue. This belongs in GCC..
    Actually OS but thanks.
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