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Thread: Image Manipulation Online

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    Image Manipulation Online

    Hey everyone -

    I am looking for a solution to a problem that i am having,

    My company offers advertising slicks in .eps format online available for d/l by any of our clients. The problem is that not all of our clients have access to programs like PS or Illustrator and can add their own logo's, text, etc.

    I am looking for something that will allow this to be done online, either uploading a image / logo, or even simply adding text to a image.

    The preffered output would need to be .jpg to be universal....

    Is this possible? i am sure it is, just not sure how.

    I would preffer a PHP solution, but i am open to any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Why does you have to offer them in eps format? Why can you not give them in jpg format. Nothing stop someone from adding their own logo's or text to jpg image.

    I don't think any online image editing tool exist. The best I can suggest you a Terminal Server with PhotoStop install on it who can be access by web browing. I cannot info about it but I already saw someone connect to is compagny terminal server from the web.
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    Sorry about confusion on this.
    jpg is what we would like to have the end result be.

    I was just stating that i use .eps now, and that is the problem.

    Basically, i am looking for a solution to edit and add text to a .jpg file, but i do not know where to begin...

    Thanks again
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    hold on lets get this straight - you have illustrator and currently save in eps format - but you want to send the files to a customer as jpg so they can add/edit whatever text they want... am I reading that right?

    If I understand you correctly why don't you simply open the file up in illustrator and export it as a jpg?? The customer can then open the jpg up in whatever graphics package they have (even modern versions of paint can open jpg's and you can add text in there) and add text of choice.

    Or is it the editing text thats causing the problem - what I mean is, have you added text which isn't quite what the customer wants and they wish to edit it? If this is the case then you will have to go with a program that uses layered formats e.g. PS, PSP Corel etc because once you add text to a jpg it's locked into the image and can't be edited (unless of course you go over it but thats a messy job as I'm sure you know).

    If it's a case of customers not having acces to PS/Illustrator you may wish to try The GIMP ( open source and free - excellent alternative to PS and does do layers... may be what you are looking for.

    As for online solutions... do you mean something along the lines of this or this ??

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    Thanks for the link Zonewalker - I will check them out.

    Here is the scenario that i think is still unclear. I have .eps files. I can edit them fine.

    I would like to have my customers be able to edit them online and save the resulting .jpg.

    Having the customer tell us the text to place or having them send us the logo and we do the editing is what i am trying to work around. This is not going to be the only solution, some customers will be able to d/l the .eps if they have a program that can do it for them, we are trying to help out the customer that is not able to do such things, or have resources to turn to.

    I think what i am looking for is a way to have a .jpg be able to be edited online.

    I just followed your link and the painter is what i am looking for.

    Cheers and thanks again...

    I am still open to any other suggestions while i check this out.
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    Both of those are solutions, but does anyone know of a solution that i can find without Purchasing any software or licenses? Just curious to what all the options are...

    thanks again
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    ahhh got you - I don't think you can do this to be quite honest - almost certainly not for free. I say this because eps is a closed proprietry format (unlike jpg). If anyone is going to do it it'll probably be as a plugin from Adobe which I imagine would cost - if it even exists. I'll have a look around though - might it be worthwhile looking into open source vector drawing programs? These would either be free or cost considerably less than your current approach - dunno how you're boss feels about open source.

    I'll get back to you

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    Yeah i am thinking editing .eps will be out of the question.

    I am leaning more now towards something to edit just .jpgs. I can convert the .eps's over to .jpg myself, so i am trying to find something to add text to a .jpg, with no success.

    I have found nothing searching for java or php solutions so far. The link earlier offers a solution written in JVM, but it is my understanding that JVM is going away shortly, so that will not help in a long term solution
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    add text to a jpg.. as in hiding text within a jpg ?


    I use the above version (free) and this one below must be be a later version ?
    As it appears to be an "evaluation" version..

    if it's just putting text ON a jpg, well.. a photo editor will do that.

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    Sum -

    What we are trying to do is a have a .jpg that is online, and through an interface online a remote user add text and manipulate the image, being able to then save the resulting editted photo or whatever.
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