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Thread: New M$ IE cumulative patch MS04-004

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    New M$ IE cumulative patch MS04-004

    M$ just issued a new IE cumlative patch that fixes a bunch of nasty vulnerabilities, some of which have been previously discovered and released to public quite a while ago.

    Some highlights of patch:
    • Overall severity deemed _Critical_
    • Basic Authentication feature functionality change!!! Involves parsing of URLs with special characters: this is the "" vulnerability where you only see show up (in this example). M$ is FINALLY removing this _feature_ -kudos to them! This update removes handling of user names and passwords in HTTP and HTTPS
    • Cross-domain security model vulneraiblity resulting in execution of script in Local Machine zone
    • Drag and drop operation during dynamic HTML events allowing a file saved in target location on user's system

    Link to M$ bulletin MS04-004

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    It's about time! Download immediately, folks.
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