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Thread: Nasty IE spyware - LSP.DLL

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    Nasty IE spyware - LSP.DLL

    Lately a drove of end users have called to complain that IE wont work on their machines but any other browser will. After closely examining these machines, I have identified the issue as lsp.dll, bundled with Imesh, ShopAtHome and other shady internet software.

    I sent in the findings to the SpyBot folks and as of today they have a signature that will catch and remove this problem.

    For more info on the actual nasty that causes IE not to be able to resolve hosts, see:

    Anyway, just in case others get a large line of angry end users...

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    Thats good but my spybot crashed efter I cleaned HDs, hehe // I must just reinstall it // hehe

    And IE is using "reset settigs" function

    I dont like adware progs // thx for good news //

    // too far away outside of limit

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    Man, what would we do if we didn't have you looking out for us?
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