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Thread: i'm looking for sth

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    i'm looking for sth

    hi to every body, i'm lookin for the worm camera to teh GBA but i don't found it now, please i realy want it so if you know where ican found it. please tell me

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    A quick google search...less than 10 seconds of work, you could of had it ordered by the time a response was given.

    I dont see the security involved with a camera for a GBA..might want to try a different forum next time, like GCC.

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    well i am not sure with this one but i think that u should try with this link if that is not what u looking for i think that u should try google......


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    oh yeah sorry i confuse the forum but i put another forum on GCC but i'm asking for the cam because i don't know who i can buy it because i'm in colombia

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    Theres a lot of places online to get it, youve just gotta look. But dont worry about it, everyone makes mistakes and youve gotta learn from them. You should probably delete this thread since it doesnt belong here.

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