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Thread: Personal Techniques?

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    Personal Techniques?

    I have titled this thread "Personal Techniques?" I am wondering what quarky little things the ANTIONLINE community does before they start a long project or a rough upgrade or learning a new language.

    For instance - Before I am sit down to write a long application I get a hot cup of coffee along with a cold DP (Dr. Pepper) I also usually get some sort of sweets to wrap up my crutches I pull out the ciggies. I then crack every knuckle in my hand, wrists and neck. Then I am off.

    So what does everyone else do?


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    Typically, it's about 2 am at night when I think of something I want to do, and I'm usually asleep, so I wake up really abruptly, jump out of my bed, and get onto one of the computers at my desk... unless I'm too tired, in which case I turn to my right and open my laptop monitor beside my bed and hurry and scribble down what I want to do.

    In the former case, I would go and get an XS Energy Drink, turn on Pantera for about 10 minutes, then turn it off and start working until the morning when I've got to go to school.

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    usually i turn the music up, put my headphones on( i got those big DJ headphones.) so i can't hear anybody else talking. I dont know why but i just concentrate better with loud music. And i also drink Mountain Dew and smoke whenever i do a project. And sometimes something to eat like chips or something.

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    I have a big networking project coming up (migrating to new servers), and what I would like to do is have like 8 hours of music to keep me going.

    Maybe a little techno (Blue, Around the world) and a little Rock (Korn, Godsmack).

    usually though when I work on something I just bring a couple doctor peppers with me and drink up.

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    2 packs of Camels, 2 bottles of Dr Pepper, and 3-4 packages of them Red Vines fake twizzlers.

    Oh yeah, I have to have music. It doesn't matter if it's rap or country. It just has to be there. Techno seems the most appropriate though.
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    Well I don't get any food or drink, I put on some Misfits (often Legacy Of Brutality) and start doing whatever I want to do.
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