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    Research Paper

    I'm typing a research paper for my English class. I have to prove that one thing is the best. I'm comparing XBox, PS2, and Gamecube. I want your opinions on what is the best (PC doesn't count) in terms of the number of accessories, games, quality, perfomance, etc., etc. Let me know your opinions.

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    My personal favorite is XBOX. I like it better because when Microsoft was developing the technology and programs behind XBOX playstation heard about and and hurriedly created and released the PS2 I also like XBOX because you can play HALO!!!! best game in the world handed down to us from the gods!


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    I like the XBOX most, completely, because it's just an all-around excellent gaming system. It has good graphics, yes, but it also has some really, really, really cool games, like "Halo."

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    It depends on your perspective, really. I have a GameCube, because I have an 8 yr old son who plays it the majority of the time. Nintendo makes much more family-friendly games than Playstation. You've got all the Mario/Wario/Yoshi games, and the Zelda games...however, if you're looking for "adult" games, GameCube isn't going to be the way to go. Playstation is a good gaming system, so is GameCube. It's just a matter of what you're looking for.
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    you have to "prove" that one thing is better then the others, so how is personal opinion going to help in your paper?

    Do you actually have to prove it, or do you have to give a strong argument? If you just need to have a convincing strong argument for one over another, then opinion of the users could be a good point, but if you need to make actual proof, then you don't want peoples opinion.

    I was just curious.

    As for my opinion, I like the PS2 because it has the ability to play the PS1 games also, so you have a LOT more games availabe on the system, and many of them can be purchased very cheep because they were made for the PS1.

    Adiz> You can also play Halo on a mac (damn bungie for selling out to the dark side)
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    Do you actually have to prove it, or do you have to give a strong argument?
    He has to write a persuasive paper on something, Im doint it on Linux vs Windows, im arguing that Linux is better and then we have to do some research and have some facts that support our side of the story.

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    That has alot of things of things based on it. First and most importantly you have to look at the amount of games that are released on each system. At the same time you also have to look at what type of games you like to play, as Deb said if you are into games for children then Game Cube is the system for you.

    Now if you are into more Shoot em up type games then you would probably be a good Xbox canidate, which is also good for Fighter type games. but as for RPG's you can't lose with Playstation II. There are several out, all of great quality.

    Now all together I would say that the best system is Probably Playstation II right now, but whenever Xbox releases more games then I will say that system.

    I will say Playstation now. It might change.

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    I personally like Xbox the best simply because of the shooting games. The James Bond series of games is the best on Xbox, and Xbox has Halo, which no other system does. If I liked the racing games better then I would choose gamecube.

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    I'm ashamed to say that I don't have any extreme experience with the XBox. However in my opinion I belive theat the PS2 is the best out of the three options given. It gives you a very wide variety of games and a lot of add-ons such as the multiple controlers box (allows you to have anything from 1-5 controllers on one PS2). Also the fact that it can play DVD's I find really good, this way I don't have to bother with an extra DVD player. I also find the graphics pretty good.
    Thats my opinion for you

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