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    Smile useful links

    well these days i am finding sites that can help..i deside to put them on this site......

    well if u can think of more please post them on.....txz


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    Already dealt with in many other threads:

    BTW, i know you're new so here's an advice. Always check the forums if something you're trying to post isn't already taken care of.


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    I thin everybody knows those, and yeah follow Cybrid's advice.

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    did u forgot this:

    sorry, was just joking...
    i agree with memory!!
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    Better Site

    Alright, I saw the thing about the most helpful websites and decoded that i would post the most helpful site I have ever seen in the world.

    To sum up what this website is it is basically a screenshot of the entire WWW everyday from like I beleive 1996. I know everyone is probably thinking that this is impossible, and it techinically is but they are doing their best to make this work. Everyone should check it out.

    Just trying to be helpful.

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    Here my pick...

    Oh, and the one in my sig pic (thanks MicroBurn)

    Cybr1d's right....always check the forums first, but we'll let you slide...we've all done it.
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    then again, the best site to get the free stuff over net: (software)

    for me it works cool...
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    and that's all i have to say, hehe.

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