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Thread: Just a Brain Teaser

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    Just a Brain Teaser

    Exactly at sunrise one morning, a Buddhist monk set out to climb a tall mountain. The narrow path was not more than a foot or two wide, and it wound around the mountain to a beautiful, glittering temple at the mountain peak. The monk climbed the path at varying rates of speed. He stopped many times along the way to rest and to eat the fruit he carried with him. Hesreached the temple just before sunset. At the temple, he fasted and meditated for several days. Then he began his journay back along the same path, starting at sunrise and walking, as before, at variable speeds with many stops along the way. However, his average speed going fown the hill was greater than his average climbing speed. Prove that there must be a spot along the path that the monk will pass on both trips at exactly the same time of day.

    If you get it make your post private so you don't spoil it for others. Try getting it on your own. No Google.


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    No Google?

    You actually want us to think? That's not nice...

    I can't give an answer here cause I had to do this in school. I think that's technically cheating. I googled for the answer for school.
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    vl iguess he'll meet the sun set @ d narrow point ???

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    I think he meant private as in "private message", not private as in "post your answer in an indecipherable crypt that noone else can understand".

    Either way, im out. I'm gonna google and keep the answer to myself


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