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Thread: trying to follow a site i found

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    trying to follow a site i found

    I have recently found a website about learning how to become good at security, and it reccomends that i learn how to use an open-source unix or linux. This decision troubles me, because I am hoping somebody will say "USE THIS OS IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS", but sadly no such site exists. Thats why Iam posing this question. The full text for my original question can be found at .

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    This post might be a good start.

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    compares Unix to Linux.

    I am hoping somebody will say "USE THIS OS IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS", but sadly no such site exists.
    No, I can honestly say I've never come across a site that specifically said to use a certain os for a specific task....there is however an abundance of information available about the various capabilities and strengths of different Operating Systems.

    I to was told I needed to learn Linux if I wanted to get anywhere with anything.....I didn't have an Internet connection that would allow me to download the freeware Linux OS, so I started learning at

    As a starting point for learning unix commands it works rather can learn the basic commands such as cd & find as well as acquiring a fundamental knowledge of unix permisions.

    You won't find all this information right there on the site, you'll have to google for tutorials and such to get the information you need to pass the levels.

    I realize this doesn't answer your question as to which OS to use...but at least when you decide on a distro to install you'll have a head start on the commands.

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    Sadly, I dont understand how he can talk about both unix and linux. Does saying that unix is the operating system of the internet and other things only related to unix, or linux, or both? He seems to talk about them as the same thing, but I just want to know which one to start with. So, should I get FreeBSD or Debian, and can I use either of these operating systems for what he is saying?
    Use them for what he is saying ?!? What he is saying is how to be a so called "hacker". Thats lame dude.

    Funny... I've litteraly seen thousands of guys read text files labeled "how to be a l33t h4x0r" then come the next day they attempt to install another OS just because some text file told them to do it in. Its peaple like that who are probably willing to murder, jump off a bridge, & then suck some dick while being pounded in the ass in order to look cool infront of a keyboard. So Is that why you want a new OS? Because some guy said it'll make peaple call you a "hacker"? Yo man thats weak...

    And I have never run across a OS that is so limited that stuff like this is said:

    Originally posted here by stickmansquark
    If there is a OS that limited then I ain't useing it. It seems like if anything else you want what alot of would-be newbie *nix users want... a opinion on what is "better" or "easy" for new users. If thats the case 90% of the time and 90% of the peaple here would say something along the lines of use RH or Mandrake. But even with that being said and even with Gore's thread... as you can see its still purely a personal choice.

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    Specialist maybe you should read the article which he is talking about [It's not the typical elite hax0r crap.]. It just seems that he's is a little confused as to how he should approach his curiosity of *nix ?

    My advise would be to :
    [1] Read about the distro[s], install, play around with them and see how it goes. The only way you'll really learn is to read, read and practice & of course have patience.
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    If I could add to agents advice: Dont worry if you break something, its the only way to learn...break it and then fix it

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    I find the question a little strange?

    I am more familiar with the concept of use this APPLICATION if you want to do that (like do I use a spreadsheet or a DBM tool).

    Or: use this language to do that: (a bit old, like me ):

    COBOL = Business
    ALGOL = Math/Science
    FORTRAN = Social Science/Statistics

    I am going back to when PCs ran DOS!

    I have never come across the concept in respect of an OS other than servers and the question would be how well could the OS handle 2000 concurrent users? But then the real question is probably central v. distributed processing.

    Just a few thoughts.


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