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Thread: What do they know about you?

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    What do they know about you?

    This applies for some people in the US.

    You know those Licenses that have the barcode on the back?
    Want to find out what info that the machines can get, but you can't see?

    Now you can! With this toolkit!

    This was just posted on slashdot... so its a bit slow.
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    You think that's bad....what abouth the new military ID card...the CAC card.

    It's got a magnetic strip, two barcodes (one on each side) and a microchip similar to the type found on prepaid powertel cell phone cards.
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    Hmmm...i think i never saw a 2D barcode....i saw those with lines there is like a font in that format but what about the 2D now? it better than the original with lines or why are they using that one this might sound crazy but maybe in future....they use something like 3D barcodes

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    The only reason I can think of is encripting, and better use of space. Encripting is the main reason... and ofcourse, if you would use line bar code to store more information than just one number it would be sooooo long...

    And don't forget the false sence of "security" and "privacy"
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    I just tried it on my doesn't give any information that isn't on the front of your license but a cool app none the less. Thanx for the link phreek.
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