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    Suggested Site...

    Hi all, gday.

    Few days ago, I spent some of my time to surf and I found this web site is very useful for end users who want to looks for information about computer technologies, also for who want to reviews hardware or software, this site was provides enough information.

    To whom needs extra pocket money, this site offer users to write their article, and if your article was selected, you'll be given $50.

    There's a lots of information you can find here, just spend some of your time to surf this site,

    I suggest this site to NewBies...


  2. #2 there really a point in this thread other than naming that site? i think very very many of us already know that site
    i guess im speaking for all the newbies out there and they are saying...anyways thanks

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    Just as an FYI John, Site Suggestions is for suggestions about AO or to improve AO, not to suggest websites.
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