I was searching online for the first actual distrobution of Linux, and found this site. It's really good. Some spelling errors, but who doesn't make those? I was shocked to see the first distro was MCC Linux in 1992....The SAME YEAR SUSE STARTED!!!!! SuSE and Slackware were started off by SLS Linux, and they basically took over from there. SuSE Linux is the oldest Linux company around today.

Congradulations to SuSE for sure. And another favorite of mine; Slackware The Grandfathers of Linux So now I know, MCC was first, then SLS, then SuSE started up with helping SLS, then Slackware came around and basically Slackware took over SLS, and then SuSE started helping sell Slackware in Germany, and then took on their own distro.

Here is the website so you can see this UNIX history:


I love rubbing that in my friends face, he actually had the nerve to ask if SuSE was RedHat based....I laughed and told him how SuSE has been around longer than redhat. However SuSE did adopt the RPM from Redhat, but they have been around longer. **Applause for Linus Torvalds for showing that a true hacker still exists, for SuSE Linux and Slackware for being in my top 3 Linux picks, and being one of the firsts, and Richard Stallmen for getting pissed at his printer, causing im to form GNU.** Now we have kick ass software that can be used freely.

I'm not even a coder, and I understand the importance of the GPL. Because you don't have to be a coder to appreciate superior software.