Hi Everyone,

I'm writing this message in this forum since I don't really know where else to put it!! Anyway on with my request.

I'm currently studying at University in England and am researching for my dissertation which is concentrating on company security and hacking and its threat (if any, and to what degree) to organisations. As a result I thought I would try some web sites and message boards to see if I could gain some first hand information. I'm not very technology gifted (ie. crap with computers!!!) and the reason for choosing this topic is purely interest and fascination with the topic area.

Therefore, I would be interested in sending out questionnaires to members of AntiOnline. The types of questions will be based on your personal definition of hacking, other types of hacking/cracking and what they relate to, views of hacking (ie is it 'ethical' and doing companies a favour by improving security), what is considered 'OK' (just looking around, for example) and any first hand experiences etc. What I am really after is your honest opinions about the subject.

I haven't finalised the questions just yet and therefore just want to see if people are willing to participate. I don't want to be taking up too much of your time but if anyone is interested in helping out then please e-mail me at drewdawson1981@hotmail.com or pm back.

If I do hear from you, I will get back in touch and let you know more.

Thanks in advance,