To everyone above, thanks for all the input you have posted so far, it has given me much to think about. I agree that much of what is published has a negative stance and not everyone wants to be tarnished with the same brush, and this is a major reason as to why I want your views, experiences and knowledge of the subject area.

I've got loads of journals written in the past 12 months but I want to include actual peoples views and opinions from those who have hacked/been hacked instead of getting brain washed by some trumped up reporter thinking he knows everything about computers because he can use office applications!!!

Info Tech Geek, I take your views on board and will definitely try and filter out the script kiddies and I suppose this is why I'm asking people to help out so I can get an overall view. I guess the more people who are willing to offer info, the greater the significance of this part of the study, but then again I can't force people to help out so it is a little bit of luck as to who does!!

Once again, cheers for all the info and I'll be getting in touch with you all in the near future to pester you for more info.

All the Best,


P.S Nihil - I can't imagine walking into Osbornes wearing a Sunderland shirt and actually coming out alive. Think I would be bludgeoned by Newcastle Brown Ale and thrown in the Tyne!! And the fact that I support Everton (Its the BETTER team in Liverpool for anyone who doesn't follow english footy) means it will never happen (not that i wear my everton shirt to the pub either cos it would probably end up with the same result!!)