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Thread: Nero VCD Encoding & Burning

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    Nero VCD Encoding & Burning

    Well i want to burn a movie (no mans land) which is about 735 MB onto a DVD disc...and i put it into nero and i let it encoding starts (goes very slowly) and comes up to about 70% and all at once it sais something like 'Error' Disk Full.
    wtf does this mean...never had this...oh and what else could you suggest to try and burn it, im thinking about easy cd creator???
    peace and thanks

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    Bit of a flying guess, but I just had to sort this for a mate of mine.

    You are trying to copy a DVD to a DVD?.............notwithstanding copyright and copy protection issues (personal copying is legal here).you have compression ratios/codecs?

    EasyCD Creator is good stuff but get the top one if you want the same quality as the original, and you will have to burn onto two DVD/CDs.

    It will burn onto one, but the quality is diminished.

    Your message is correct, the DVD/CD was decompressed and is bigger than the space you are trying to copy onto.

    You could try to d/l onto your hard disk, then do a compressed copy onto your DVD media, but quality will be the problem..............their stuff costs millions of dollars..yours does not.


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    OK first of all....i am not trying to copy DVD disc...i have a No Mans Land.avi file of about 735MB on my hard disk and i am trying to burn it as a VCD onto a DVD disc which is 4.7GB for a how come its bigger than that...does nero even support this because on the bottom the maximum size is like always up to 900 or maybe i should just get the easy cd creator and try that?

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    I dont think you can burn a Video Cd onto a DVD CD. And nero doesnt have the option Burn DVD. So download a DVD burner. And you dont have a DVD burner drive right? So i dont think you can burn DVD CD's.

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