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Thread: Stopping Kazaa loading at start up for specific users on a 2K box

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    Stopping Kazaa loading at start up for specific users on a 2K box

    Hi all,

    I have a Win2K box at home, with seperate accounts for the three of us living there. However, one user (a teenager...groan!) has downloaded Kazaa.

    I'd like to stop Kazaa loading at start up for myself and the other user, but leave things as is for the third account.

    How do I do this?

    I've searched the Registry but nothing leaps out at me as being a likely registry key that will do this. Similarly, I can't find any guidance for this on TechNet.

    If anyone has any ideas on this, or can point me to a suitable resource on the net, I'd be grateful.

    Thanks all,

    Alan Mott

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    Tell them to switch to IRC and hit the XDCC chat rooms it will save you all a bunch of headaches.

    or try this

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    The link posted by Info Tech Geek should do the job. I'd like to add that it is a very bad idea to have Kazaa running at start-up, though. Maybe a little talk with the teenager about the dangers of having Kazaa constantly running would be a better, far more effective way

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    One way to edit your startup menu in Windows 2K is to right click on your task bar, pick Properties, the click on the Advanced tab. At the bottom of that pane is a white box with various programs for your start menu. Uncheck Kazaa, then hit apply then ok.

    Another way is to open up My Computer, click on Documents and Settings, "Your User Name", Start Menu, and then remove Kazaa from any folder you find within.

    I believe this should only affect the user that you go under and not all users on the computer.

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    You should look under HKKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Run in the registry.

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    Check also under Start>Run>msconfig. There is a "Start Up" bar, which will let you check and uncheck programs that have been set to automatically load.
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    From your taskbar
    > Run {in the box type [MSconfig]}

    Tab to startup and deselect the option button for Kazaa and anyother programs you don't want to startup.

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    The START/RUN/MSCONFIG works great in Windows XP. However it has never existed in any version of Windows 2000 that I have ever used. Including Server, Home, and Pro.

    Every so often I'll forget that and try to type msconfig in the run box of a Win2K machine. All it does is tell you that Windows can't find it.

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    Open Kazaa, go to the options of the program, and there is an option for it to start with windows automatically.

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