Hi all,

I've been around computers and networking for almost 10 years now. I worked for a major ISP for 5 1/2 years, starting in Tech Support and working my way up into project management before having my job outsourced overseas last July.

I found out pretty quickly after losing my job that knowledge in and of itself isn't necessarily enough to get you a new job anymore. So, I've started taking a "Network and Internet Security" course at a local computer school so I can get some certifications.

I currently have Network+ and MCP under my belt and have plans to shoot for MCSA (maybe MCSE if I have enough time/money), CCNA, Security+, and Linux+ before I'm done classes in June.

Prior to starting the classes I hadn't given security much of a thought (aside from some basics like running AV software, not opening strange e-mail attachments, etc), but since being exposed to it in my classes I've found it fascinating and addicting.

I look forward to having some nice discussions with you all as I work on expanding my knowledge. I want to learn as much as I can, which of course is why Iím here.