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Thread: Weird Ip addresses on my comp

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    Weird Ip addresses on my comp

    i was doing some stuff on my computer the other day and i for some reason did an nslookup without specifying an address afterwards and it gave me this wierd ip address that i've never seen before. i know that my local network address is 192.168.0.x and my ip address that shows up on the internet is 24.x.x.x, but the one that came up when i did the nslookup(without specifying an ip) was 63.240.x.x and it was named something like anybody know what this address is? i thought that it might be the server at my central office that im getting on the internet from. [gloworange]thanx for the help[/gloworange]

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    if you've just typed nslookup you've just looked up your nameserver as the 'ns' in the name implys ''
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    I believe the 24.x.x.x is a IP range for cable, because mine is 24.x.x.x and I'm on cable. The 63.240.x.x would be the name server (everytime you time in a web domain or address, it requests the IP from that computer) from the name servers.



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