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Thread: Dealing with Aureate!

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    Dealing with Aureate!

    Dealing with Aureate!
    Yes, I'm a newbie. But I thought this would help somebody so I wrote this! A couple of days ago I downloaded a IP TOOL kit. I found it had spyware on it so I uninstalled it but it was still there!

    So I asked you guys:
    Now to read up on this spyware go to:

    To find if you have it on your sys, do this: start-find-files or folders-type aureate. This should come up with something!

    When I ran my Ad-aware6.0 it showed it but wouldn't allow me to get rid of it and just froze up!
    Now this is what I found/read to help----

    To show those Aureate motherf__kers whose boss, do this!

    1] c:\\window\system

    2] delete advertx.ocx , advert.dll , amcis.dll

    3] now there will be registry keys, if you have Ad-ware 6.0 it will tell you which ones they are. Just open your regedit.exe and delete them(becareful!!!) You could be stupid and just format your computer! Which then your stupid, bubba

    4] rescan your computer with your ad-aware(or whatever) and if there is still stuff on there, now you should be able to delete them!

    I thank moxnix for pointing to the solution!

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    I tried two different situations to combat spy/ad-aware. The firs step was installing alternative software to increase functionality and remove resources not needed. The other was to build a system with two formatted hard drives and set the dummy system as the locator for downloads and internet related files and do a restore from fresh every Saturday. It wipes out everything I don't need and my operating system stays fully functional. They both have pretty much the same effect.

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