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Thread: good info for newbies

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    good info for newbies

    here is some info that i gathered so far and i hope u enjoy reading it....have fun......

    What is a network firewall?

    A firewall is a system or group of systems that enforces an access control policy between two networks. The actual means by which this is accomplished varies widely, but in principle, the firewall can be thought of as a pair of mechanisms: one which exists to block traffic, and the other which exists to permit traffic. Some firewalls place a greater emphasis on blocking traffic, while others emphasize permitting traffic. Probably the most important thing to recognize about a firewall is that it implements an access control policy. If you don't have a good idea of what kind of access you want to allow or to deny, a firewall really won't help you. It's also important to recognize that the firewall's configuration, because it is a mechanism for enforcing policy, imposes its policy on everything behind it. Administrators for firewalls managing the connectivity for a large number of hosts therefore have a heavy responsibility.

    Why would I want a firewall?

    The Internet, like any other society, is plagued with the kind of jerks who enjoy the electronic equivalent of writing on other people's walls with spraypaint, tearing their mailboxes off, or just sitting in the street blowing their car horns. Some people try to get real work done over the Internet, and others have sensitive or proprietary data they must protect. Usually, a firewall's purpose is to keep the jerks out of your network while still letting you get your job done.

    What can a firewall protect against?

    Some firewalls permit only email traffic through them, thereby protecting the network against any attacks other than attacks against the email service. Other firewalls provide less strict protections, and block services that are known to be problems.

    What can't a firewall protect against?

    Another thing a firewall can't really protect you against is traitors or idiots inside your network. While an industrial spy might export information through your firewall, he's just as likely to export it through a telephone, FAX machine, or floppy disk. Floppy disks are a far more likely means for information to leak from your organization than a firewall! Firewalls also cannot protect you against stupidity.

    What about viruses?

    Firewalls can't protect very well against things like viruses. There are too many ways of encoding binary files for transfer over networks, and too many different architectures and viruses to try to search for them all. In other words, a firewall cannot replace security-consciousness on the part of your users. In general, a firewall cannot protect against a data-driven attack--attacks in which something is mailed or copied to an internal host where it is then executed.

    What are the critical resources in a firewall?

    It's important to understand the critical resources of your firewall architecture, so when you do capacity planning, performance optimizations, etc., you know exactly what you need to do, and how much you need to do it in order to get the desired result.

    peace out

    this info found on

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    Well its easy to copy and paste...what im trying to say could have done this...
    1. read it then sumerize and put into your own words
    2. just give us the damn link

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    Posting articles is really pointless...and I'm SICK of these topics that say "Good info" or "Alert" which tells me NOTHING about what's in them.

    If you're going to just copy the information, make sure its orginal or atleast interesting. Seeing another generic article isn't what most of us here want. If we're looking for that, we can find it on our own. (Read: Google)

    Ah, well....just keep it in mind for the future? Thanks.
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    1: Well actually scriptkiddie18, anyone can C&P and also read stuff... But I would atleast read something to a point where I'd get a mighty damned good understanding about things before opening my mouth in the first place. That way you, maybe me, and everyone else can learn from it pluse I won't need to add corrections or flame some newbie.
    Well im not always doing it but on that link it was pretty straight forward...they could see what it was and its a great site te get some knowledge...and no its not enough just to post a link here and there...i was helping on the newsletter #11 but my comp crashed lol...or should i say i crashed it...anyways im participating and right now am making a humor story about Antionline & AO users...if you would like to sign up for me to include ya here is the place

    hope i explained myself specialist...?

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    well even though it was copied and pasted it still relays the importance of security...something that is often overlooked by people unlike ourselves who deal with and have seen first hand the destruction that can be caused by not having a secured system.
    it is amazing how many people i talk to at work say "huh" ...whats a firewall?
    "will my computer catch on fire?".....they look at me with a blank stare as i try to explain proxys and firewalls to them..
    it is funny but sad because more need to educate themselves about that "big box" that they chat on and get yahoo mail with..
    good post!!


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    nice post...

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    no it There's about 20 of these laying around the forums. Nice try though . Lets not turn this into a flame war...he's just trying to earn some APs.

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    On a positive note:

    "Another thing a firewall can't really protect you against is traitors or idiots inside your network........ Firewalls also cannot protect you against stupidity."

    I really liked that bit

    The number of posts we get here asking "how do I get through my school/college/company firewall"

    Now I can ask:

    "Well, what are you, a traitor, an idiot or just plain stupid?"

    I think that the article is somewhat "dated" though, as it refers to "FAXes" and "floppy disks"...........too slow and too small IMHO.............e-mail, CDs and USB storage devices are more likely these days?


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    Some really good info on this for newbies and veterans alike would be to go and read "Building Internet Firewalls" by Elizabeth D Zwicky, Simon Cooper and Brent Chapman.
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