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Thread: New system time :)...

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    Post New system time :)...

    Hello all, at work I recently came into some money..About $800 actually...And I decided it's time to build another machine for my LAN. I work at a computer repair shop, so i'm ordering everything through them...I've also decided i want a machine that I want to watch DVD's on, and a dedicated server and attack box for my LAN...A mixed breed between a high-end machine and your average box I guess you could say..Well i'll stop rambling, my point is that I want to describe my box's specs to AO, and see if it is an "Over-Kill" or not..
    As for case, I went with the X-Dreamer II Case from < Great Company
    I figured I had to add some geekiness to my system as well...
    ok, i've decided to go with the intel D865GBF chipset for a main board, because I need the extra slots for upgrades...
    Could've paid the extra 20 for the GBFL, but I have enough nic's anyway, and i'm worried about drivers for *nix..
    For processor, I'm going with the Pentium 4 2.8 ghz cpu...
    512 mb RAM... 2 separate 256 mb cards...
    ATI AIW 9600 video (Unreal Tournament )
    80 gb HD
    Most of my peripherals are samsung by the way...
    DVD-R Drive
    standard floppy
    As for sound, im going to go with the integrated sound on the board till otherwise...
    OS: SuSE 8.2 , XP Professional Dual-Boot
    Came to about $756 street price...Hell maybe i'll have enough left for a pizza...Just want some opinions on my new system ideas.....

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    Sounds to me that you did pretty good.

    The ATI and P4 2.8 will keep up with a lot of games.
    The 512mb will be nice, however if you start doing a lot of intensive stuff on the LAN i.e webserver, fileserver etc then I would upgrade to 1gb ram.

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    sound like you have a nice box put together all though I tend to think you might want a gig of ram if you want to use it as a server and a game machine.
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    /me wants an Opteron.......
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    Sound pretty nice.. More Memory is not bad. Hard drive is a bit low for me. DVD-R is a DVD-ROM (Not a Writable one right bcuz DVD-Writable suck with all the format out there)
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