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Thread: SCO suing BSD????

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    SCO suing BSD????

    Is it just me or are they going out in a suicide pact? I was thinking what kind of hell they would be going through for going after Linux, which has some of the top hackers on earth rooting for it.... LOL! Pun somewhat intended. But now they are going after BSD, something AT&T did long ago.

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    SCO makes me sick. What they are trying to do is gain some sort of foothold against linux by bringing up old litigation from the bsd at&t case. All this is going to do is help the SCO stock prices climb and get their name in the press. I dont think they have much of a chance against linux let alone even trying to pull bsd code into it.

    "That sort clears things up for BSD. They are not looking to sue BSD, but to use the BSD settlement as ammunition to further their attack against Linux. Obviously they think pre-lawsuit BSD code (those three files) and missing licenses have infiltrated their way into Linux code.

    But what about SCO? Is their source code clean? The original BSD counter-suit claimed that BSD code is in System V source and didn't have proper BSD attribution. Was that all cleaned up in SCO? If the pre-settlement code can creep into Linux, why not SCO. "

    I hope they shoot themeselves in the foot.
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