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Thread: Free MIT courses online

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    Free MIT courses online

    Thought this was a great site- most of MIT's courses are available online for free- no diploma given. After going through some of the tests, I'm glad I already finished college (it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks!) Good learning resource though-and not just for computer learning.
    MIT Online

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    Some of the cource material is pretty good . i have decided to take up as cource in japanese language(Intermediate Japanese I Fall 2002) . i was looking for good study material online and this site rovides some good material and lastely its free now for some Japanese

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    That is one amazing site! Thanks for sharing.

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    good one thinking of enrollingmyself in one course
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    Thanks a ton man. Here's some GREENIES!


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    OCW (MIT online Open Course Ware) web has been around since 2001. I am sure it was posted here someplace before. But until recently, it was still in "beta" while they were testing it. Now with over 500 courses online, they are finally "on-line".
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