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Thread: Linux problems

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    Linux problems

    I have a slow system(233 MHz, 24MB RAM, 1.5 GB Disk space). Any pointers as to where I can find a *NIX/linux distro that will run at a decent speed. I have Mandrake 8.2 and it CRAWLS, esp when using X Windows. Will appreciate any help given. Thanks

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    It really depends on how many packages you want to use. I wouldn't recommend using the X Windows system with that little RAM.... You can run web browsers straight from BASH...i.e. lynx. Mutt is a good shell mail client.

    Slackware is pretty good for most purposes, and I'd recommend it. You can get it for free, and install however many/few packages you want. Make sure you're ready to do a little bit of editting to the configuration of your system first. has a lot of information/guides though. You also might want to check out Fedora, and SuSE.

    Good luck.
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