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Thread: Boot XP/Win2k

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    Boot XP/Win2k

    Is it possible to include login in boot disk for win2k or xp?

    I want run boot disk without need to write my login and password each time.

    // I want make boot CD that will be able to start windows in DOS mode for scan HD //
    // It probably will be 100% easy repair utellity for PC (i think) //
    // One for normal mode works good, that I made (collected cmd line progs) //

    USB (flash usb) in DOS mode works? Or I need copy to disk and "install" it?


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    It's NOT possible to include a login in a boot disk? I have yet to see any boot disk have a login. If you're taking about login\password in the OS themself, they can be set to include login and password seperately.

    USB Key work with DOS. I run a Windows 98 Start Up from a usb key without problem. Check my tutorial on how to make a USB Key boot.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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