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    e-mail manager

    I have just added a form to my site that collects peoples information - Name, addy, telly, e-mail they then approve to receive mailing from me. Now, that I am starting to collect e-mail address I want to be able to send e-mail to all these people (mass-emailing). I want to send it so it looks like it is only going to them (so BCC I think it is called). Are there any free programs out there that can do this or can someone help me in doing this? I am thinking it is something like a CMS.

    The address and such are collected in .mdb format
    I am running in a windows server environment.


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    Most e-mail programs allow for BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) and there are many different programs that should do this...

    Check out That SHOULD do the trick...

    Hope this helps.
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