Hey everyone!

I'm going to be sniffing the network later, so I'll throw up some captures if I find some interesting stuff, but for now I thought I'd try for some basic feedback. Here's the issue. We have two residence buildings, in the last week or so we've been getting a lot of calls about connectivity. It's weird though. Their connections are fine. They sit on msn all day but as soon as they load up Internet Explorer, their connection seems to crap out. I've tried to recreate this on our network, but we've got our own subnet and i'm not getting the same issues. I'm currently attempting to recreate the problem on the residence subnects but again I've been unsuccessful. I'm making appointments to go over and test the wiring early next week, but I'd like to get some ideas or some thoughts on this. Has anyone heard of any virus's or vulns affecting IE that could be causing this? I'm hoping the packet captures will reveal something, but I'm really stumped on this one.