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Thread: How to make a CD Copy Protected??

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    Question How to make a CD Copy Protected??

    I wanted to know that how to copy protect a CD. But please dont tell me about any demo software or something like that. A technique to do it or a freeware would do.....
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    There is probably no way to copy-protect a CD with software. I mean, you'd have to have some way to deny access to the CD's contents that other programs would enforce. That's quite frankly, not possible. CD's have been and will be copied forever because people can build home readers to get around the security imposed by commercial readers.
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    Post How It's Done, Commercially

    Mk, You can't. Atleast, as far as I know, I have found no home brewn software that does this, yet...not even the mighty Nero 6 Ultra. Wht companies do with their giant CD press thingies, its burn data to the CD, then leave a large gap on the CD. After this gap, more data is made, most burners, upon encountering this gap, during the write stage, just flip out and swear at you for being so stupid as to allow a write error. Now, this is also dependent on your burner/software. I used Nero 5.5, and some generic 12x burner, and succesfully burned the Diablo play-disc, once. I have tried numerous times. But I have not found any way to copy protect the CD, currently. I think your best bet is to include a license agreement, that opens with a autorun, that specifically says that the CD compilation is copyrighted.

    ***BTW, how I've burned those un-copiable CDs, is to burn the image to your hardrive and then burn from the image. Or make the image on your harddrive, and then use software, such as WinISO, that allows use ofthe image as if it were a CD.

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    I have looked at this, although it was some time ago. I could not find a satisfactory way of doing it.

    Even Microsoft and the big music companies can't do it so what chance do us "mere mortals" stand?

    After all, if the original CD works, then anyone using cloning software will produce an exact replica?

    There is even commercial software such as DVD X-copy that will copy DVDs, and states in its advertising that it will circumvent copy protection measures.


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    If you want CDs to be uncopiable, the next best thing for you may be to make them unreadable except to you and a few of your friends. If its not going to be a music CD, you can try just encryptign the contents (Good ole PGP should do the trick.) This way only you and the people you give the key to will be able to see the data on the CD.

    (Create a seperate key for the CDs, otherwise people would be able to decrypt ANY of your files, not just the CD Contents.)
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    I had thought that markboyle found a way to do it... but I can't find the thread at the moment.

    When I find it, I'll post it.

    Found it...
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    damn phish you beat me to it

    but as allways there is no "never"..

    there will allways be ways around it..
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    I think those are some of the best protection possible.

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