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Thread: Linux Kernel 2.6.2 is out

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    Linux Kernel 2.6.2 is out

    Kernel 2.6.2 is out. This is a bug fix version..

    What news :
    Download =
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Way ahead of you SDK, downloaded and compiled it yesterday . No problems so far, everything works perfectly.

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    ::Shudders when he realizes he hasn't updated Slackware yet:: Speaking of there an auto-update program for Slack? One that looks for newer versions of existing packages/programs installed on the box? For SuSE, RH, and Fedora I know there is, but I haven't found any indication of whether or not there is one with Slack 9.1

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    I use swaret (thanks the_JinX!) to keep my Slackware system up to date. Check it out at .

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    guyszz ...... recommend a good how-to on linux kernel installation....I'm using linux 2+ yrs never came across reinstalling the kernel......(new challenge)

    wonna try


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    I have a realy short version of a kernel installation howto for you..

    since the server is offline, here's the google cache version

    Say you've got your linux system nice and running..
    And all of a sudden you surf a site like this and you seen!!! A new linux kernel...
    you download the thirty fourty odd megs.. and are stuck with a file..
    the x's are version numbers and filetypes, wich I'll discuss in a while..
    now what to do:

    Step 1.

    Move (or copy) the file to /usr/src

    there unzip it.. two options.. linux-2.x.x.tar.bz2 or linux-2.x.x.tar.gz

    if you have the bz2 edition and a fairly new linux distro..
    type: tar xjvf linux-2.x.x.tar.bz2

    else type: tar xcvf linux-2.x.x.tar.gz

    now that the file is unpackt, you'll need to link it to the /usr/src/linux..

    if there is a link present from a former kernel (the one you are running now) remove it..

    rm linux

    now that does sound scary !!

    now we'll link a new one.. (symbolic link)

    ln -s linux-2.x.x linux

    now we'll step into that new linux folder

    cd linux

    we'd like to have the kernel more or less act the way the old (current) one did..

    cp ../linux-2.x.x/.config .

    note !! this time the .x.x points to the old one (propably 2.4.22 or something)

    now we want the kernel to be able to do something with it..

    make oldconfig

    this asks a couple of questions about the NEW features and automaticaly takes over the setting your old kernel had for the other things..

    make menuconfig
    make xconfig

    to check out the kernel configuration.

    make dep

    makes the new dependencies..

    make modules modules_install install

    this last line makes the modules, installs them and installs the kernel..

    that is, if you are using lilo and have your /etc/lilo.conf configured the right way..

    if you are using some other bootmanager, then make bzImage might be a better idea then make install

    well that's all for this quick and dirty kernel update tutorial..
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    Glad to see that slackware has a great following on

    Thanx jinx might have to give it a try now

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    Actually it's changed with the 2.6.x kernels. cgkanchi I believe referenced this article in another kernel thread. There are some items you need to ensure you can in fact compile.

    Basically the steps are:

    1. Download the source

    2. Unzip it in the /usr/src directory

    3. Optional Step: Remove the previous softlink (rm -f linux) and add a new softlink (ln -s linux-2.6.x linux)

    4. Certainly you could use make oldconfig but given the changes I'd almost say not to. Use make xconfig or make menuconfig according to your current screen options for the root user

    5. Pick what you need and remove what you don't

    6. (here's the change): make bzImage && make modules && make modules_install. Make dep is deprecated. And they've turned it into a "silent mode" so to speak. You don't see screens upon screens of compiler info plus it's quicker (IMHO).

    7. rm /boot/ : remove the existing

    8. mv arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/bzImage-2.6.2 : move the new kernel over. You may find it a bit larger than previous kernels.

    9. mv /boot/ : move the system map over. Don't forget the soft link ln -s

    10. Alter lilo or grub accordingly. I use lilo so I put a line in the lilo.conf (see below) and re-ran lilo command. Don't remove references to the existing kernel. It helps as a backup.

    11. Reboot. If it doesn't work reboot back to the old kernel. Go back to step 4 and start again. If you've created one kernel build and it didn't work, you don't have to use make oldconfig. You can go straight to make menuconfig or make xconfig. This will have the settings you last used.
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    thanks guys!!!

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