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Here are the most recent AO spotlights on EIT Security along with some misc security features. Good job to all of you that participated in those threads.

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AntiOnline Spotlight: Held Hostage
What if your Web business were held at virtual gunpoint? AO members discuss coping with demands of payment under the threat of getting DDoSed into oblivion.

AntiOnline Spotlight: MyDoom Testing Your Patience?
MyDoom is quickly making the days of SoBig and Blaster seem like a walk in the park.


Exploring Windows 2003 Security: Authorization Manager
Windows Server 2003 offers an innovative way to provide access to a secure environment. In the latest installment of our security series, we look at Authorization Manager's roles-based approach to combining authorization with access control.

The Pros & Cons of Ethical Hacking
The use of ethical hackers to test for security vulnerabilities is as old as the IT hills. But, unless there are clear goals outlining why and to what extent your organization is engaging them, the outcome could be useless information -- or worse.