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Thread: ADSL connection slowing down

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    ADSL connection slowing down

    I have a 512 kbps ADSL connection, I found a few weeks ago that it was too slow, went to ran a speed test and found it ran at about 90-100 kbps. I called my ISP, they said that that everything was fine, that there was something in my box that was slowing it down. Turns out Norton AV and Norton Internet security are the ones who make me go slow, if I disable Internet Security my connection is back to about 400 kbps, if I also disble AV it is up to 450. Does my ISP suck? Has anybody found this same problems? What firewall won't slow down my connection?



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    I do recall that there was some sort of issue with Norton update and its verisign certificate? which made internet connections run like a dog? You should have a version dated about 6 January 2004?

    That would kinda fit in with the timeframe you are mentioning?

    Good luck

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    Nihil is right if I remember. I have had the same problem with a T1 line it ended up being Norton. I uninstalled it reinstalled a more recent version loaded the updates and such and it worked fine!

    But then again I am running on W2K ;o)


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    AV and and certain Firewalls have a history of doing this...updating or switching your software (AVG or Sygate should do the trick...Zone Alarm if you insist)) should also do the trick. (This method is also free.)
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    What's the difference between T1 and cable connection?

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    A T1 is a dedicated connection

    1.5mbps down and 1.5mbps up. unlike a cable connection which my have T1 speed down, but it only has about 256kbps up. Cable is also more unreliable than a T1

    Its mainly a business line for businessess (although you can get it at home if you want to pay the $300-2000 a month bill for it)that need a reliable way to connect to the internet.
    If you use google, you'll find a lot of stuff about a T1

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