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Thread: question on Censorship

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    question on Censorship

    i am at school and the dang online censorship will not leave me alone. i can tell you that it is a proxy the we go through. i used to be able to disable the proxy and use the internet normaly but i think they cought on. now when i turn off the proxy i cant get anywere. what can i do. there blocking everything.
    i have a couple ideas but i thought i would consalt you first

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    Um....If you know how to get around a proxy, then surely you have a computer at home...

    Why don't you use that to look at things that your school feels the need to sensor?

    This is a security site, not a "hack your school server" site and so not the best place to ask.

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    Hi, rwarren

    The purpose of a proxy and firewall is NOT is to protect your school's systems. If you compromise these you will almost certainly be detected and get into big trouble.

    When you say that they are blocking "everything" what exactly do you mean? If it were literally true, you would not be able to get on the internet at all?

    If you have good reason to go to a site, and are actually allowed on the internet, ask your Admins.

    It sounds as if someone has done something bad in the past, and this is the Admins reaction?

    Take care and stay out of trouble!

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    I personally know how the schools react when they think you've done something wrong. Whether or not its the case, its generally not worth it. Don't give them any ammunition is my advice.

    Go through official channels. Ask. If you disabled the proxy in the past and you think they caught on to it, they may well be watching you. Don't try anything without checking with them first.

    That's my $.02 anyway.
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    Good Evening,

    And here we go again similiar to a request of only a couple of days ago, but then the person wanted to use AIM at school, however the sys admin put the kabosh on that.

    RWarren, you are at their school on their computers.....might be a clue in that? Safeguards are in place to protect their network. I don't want to sound too much like a parent, but, have you given any thought to the possiblility that the school wants you to spend your time in a productive manner? Might want to ask yourself, "Why are these computers here at this school?"

    And as has been been mentioned earily, they are on to you. If you do something stupid to their network/computers you may have to find youself a new institution for your learnin' cause you'll be part of the NFL Group (Not For Long).

    Save your surfing for the beach or at home!

    If your need is legit, I'm sure you can contact the IT Department and they can hook you up.

    Be smart about this!

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    simply dont try 2b an admin everywhere.Learn more abt firewalls,will always help

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    I've always wanted to say this: [BLEEP] CENSORSHIP!. Aright...look, we dealt with the same issue a few days ago. Either follow the advice given to you above my post, and learn from it, or else you'll get into serious trouble with your school, and most likely you WILL get expelled.


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    Use anonimizers (just google it), or use nslookup to do a reverse DNS lookup on the URL so that you get an IP address. Then surf to the IP address. The anonimizer is the safest.
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    ok, i know what a proxy is and i do understand what you are saying about the leagalitys of it.... i don't plan to hack anything i have already done that i got caught 1yr ago.
    i have my views on cencership...... as well as you have yours.....
    the thing is i live at school. i just wanted to know so that i can make things more "livable"

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    the thing is i live at school. i just wanted to know so that i can make things more "livable"
    Yes, but livable for you may not be the same as 'livable' for your school and 'their' network. If you have already been caught once, do you not consider that you already may be on 'the short list'?
    Perhaps you should consider getting a personal phone line installed and getting a ISP of your own. Be much cheaper than getting expelled and having to find another school to admit you with 2 stikes already against you.
    But on reconsiseration: you would never consider an option such as that, because you feel that your right and no one else has a valid opinion, such as your school administration.
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