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    How can I remove my antipoints?And why is my "bar of career"(newbie, addict etc.)grey?

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    you cannot remove Antipoints they are are assigned to you by other members to you. the dot is grey , the dot is grey because you have a few negative AP's. it will turn green when members will assign Positive AP's to your posts

    What are these Antipoint things?

    Antipoints are a way of recognition in AO. You acquire antipoints by posting good meaningful posts that help somebody. You can get both positive (green) antipoints, or negative (red) antipoints. If you recieve to many red antipoints your account may be removed.

    Why do I have a message saying I'm going to be banned?

    You have acquired to many negative antipoints and this is your warning. You still have a chance to redeem yourself though. Just stop posting meaningless one-liner messages like "I agree", or "Good post!" and stop asking how to hack stuff.


    AntiPoints Explained by allenb1963

    Q: Once I'm able to assign AntiPoints, how do I do it?

    A: Each post has an "Assign Positive or Negative AntiPoints to This Post" link located in the upper left corner of the post which opens an assignment box. AntiPoints of a positive nature should only be assigned to posts that are worthy in that they provide a correct answer to a question, provide useful and relavent information, or make a valid point that you STRONGLY agree with. Negative AntiPoints are used for posts that provide misleading information, request information that can be used for illegal purposes, are derogatory or insulting in nature, or make a point that you STRONGLY disagree with.

    As you rise through the ranks of AO and increase your number of AntiPoints, the impact of your assignments increases as well. As that influence grows, so should the sense of responsibility you use to assign those points. Forming alliances in order to enhance your position or defile someone else's AP status is a practice that is frowned upon and dealt with severely when discovered. You are strongly urged to avoid such behaviour.

    When you assign points, you will notice an area where you are allowed to put in comments. Please attempt to use this area in a constructive manner and refrain from name calling and profanity. There will be cases where you may receive comments of this nature, but please remember that the bad behaviour of others does not excuse us from acting in a civilized manner.

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