Ok, I am the member "KissCool". I have been obliged to create this emergency account because my real one cannot send neither posts nor PMs and because I have mailed help@antionline.com two times since the issue appeared (one month ago) without any response.

The following behaviours are happening systematically, with every browser I tried:
- In the front page, I have the traditional "You have new message(s) since your last visit.
You have unread messages and total messages in all your folders. " but without any number in it.
- I cannot access to my Private Messages folders. I obtain a message saying: "You have recently registered at AntiOnline but not yet activated your account. You can find the link to activate your account in your welcome-email. "
As I have been registered for nearly two years now, you will admit it is very strange.
- I cannot send any text!! I can neither reply nor create any thread. Buttons and fields to post have simply disappeared.