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Thread: Windows 2000 server: Stopping Users from Opening Applications

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    Windows 2000 server: Stopping Users from Opening Applications


    I have a Windows 2000 Server, and approx 35 PCs, which are all on the Domain and all users log on to the Windows 2000 Server. 70% of the Computers are Windows XP Pro and by July all will be Windows XP PRO, and the other 30% is Windows 98.

    1. Anyway, my question is this, I am trying to stop users from executing exe's and programs that I do not went them to be able to execute. And I also would like my users to NOT be able to download files from the web, or allow ACTIVE X components.

    2. I want it so that only ADMINISTRATORS are able to load any kind of software on to the machine.

    Now all of the computers have to log on the Windows 2000 Server to gain access to the computer that they are moving so I would like to do this from the server. I want to be able to do this from the Group Policies that the Windows XP get from the Windows 2000 Server when they log on.

    Can anyone send me any information on doing this, a website, a guide, or anything on possibly doing this or anything similar to this.

    Any help or suggestions are welcome.


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    ummmm.... enable Active Directory?
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    Then what do I do?


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    I beleive it is already started.

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    group policy

    create group policy's to restrict users from having local admin rights.

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    go to google and search for "Active Directory" or GPO.... to narow hits add something like tutorial/howto in search string

    you will have to read a lot in other to pull this one... Active Directory has a lot of options and things you can set. it is easy to forget what is where...

    first write down all you have to do, and then follow it exactly step by step...
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