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Thread: Laptop KB to PS2 Conversion

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    Laptop KB to PS2 Conversion

    HI guys,
    I am looking for a diagram to help convert a laptop Keyboard into a PS2 connection for use with a normal PC. I have been searching the web for a few hours but i`m dont seem to be getting anywhere. Can you guys help me?


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    I don't know.. I think you won't get far trying to do this.
    The reason is, I think there's a chip on the laptop motherboard that converts the signals from the keypad.. I suppose you could build your own interface using whatever chip and circuitry but you'd probably need a schematic of the motherboard and I'll bet you'll have a VERY hard time trying to get one of those.. however, you might find a generic schematic circuit on the net somewhere but you'd certainly have to "fiddle with it" .. good luck.. imo, it's not worth the time/trouble/money.

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    jenjen is right,
    this is going to be almost impossible...
    i work at a repaircenter an mainly repair notebooks, but all the different types of notebook (still same brand though) have other connections on their keyboards, even if they are the same, they won't work on eachother...

    so unless you have one specific keyboard and the diagram of that specific motherboard, i don't think you'll get very far.

    and for as far as i know, companies aren't so thrilled when their technical details of their products is made public, so unless you can find someone who could make a diagram out of your motherboard, it's gonna be a real tough one here

    good luck!

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