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Thread: troubles setting up a wifi network

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    troubles setting up a wifi network

    Here’s the problem I have a linksys wireless router with a hard connection to my main box that has xp. Then I have a Toshiba lap top w/win2000 and a linksys wireless Nic. My connection to the web is fine from both boxes but when I look for the other machine on my home network there are no other machines shown.

    I've disabled my firewall and I am at a loss any help????
    I've gone in to the network neighborhood on both machines and see nothing but the machine that I am on. I've had the xp box do the network configure and still nothing it says that having two machines hooked to a hub sharing a web connection is bad, But does not give the option of a router inside a DSL modem. On the laptop I tried the disk you make with xp but that does not work with 2000. I went in to the network connections and that didn't help then I disabled all the protection to see if one of them is blocking the other no dice. I wasn’t going to put xp on the laptop but if that will help I'll do it this is going to be so that these machines can share files.

    The last time I didn't mention (idiot) when I initially set up the wireless I had both machines in the network neighborhood. The next time I look for them nothing. Sorry I left that out I just can't figure out what has changed.

    Thanks for any help or comments this is the first time I've set up a router by letting a disk do it for me. I've had some experience with Cisco routers in school so I'm not without any knowledge. I also am wondering if anyone has any info on manual configure and internal works this is my first attempt at setting up a network in my house. As I can get these systems to work together I have other machines I want to tie in. So I am sure I'll be back and ask other Q's then maybe a tutorial/testimonial to the troubles and help I got in set up here.

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    And you've double checked that everything is in the same workgroup?

    Do you have a shared folder on one of the machines that you can't see in the network neighborhood? If you do try mapping a drive to it over the network.

    Did you assign static IP's to the computers?

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