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Thread: digital camera to webcam

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    digital camera to webcam

    Is it possible to connect my digital camera and turn it in to webcam??? I have a cannon digital camera. I am just wondering if that is possible

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    The best advice I can give you is this. Go to the Canon website and look it up by the model number. I have never heard of a digital camera being used as a webcam. That however doesn't make it so. Till recently I'd never seen a tv take a capture card from a digital camera and print selected pictures right out of the front of the tv.

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    oh ok. tnx for the advice

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    Dopey is right in that it depends on the model number...I have ones that will do both functions.

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    Just an fyi, I have a fuji 2650, that I spent under 150 US dollars for, and it will and does a great job, function as a webcam. Word of caution/advice, if you so choose to use it as a webcam, make sure you have an AC cord, it really chews up your batteries.
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    Hey nihil,

    what a coincidence.. just recieved some info on the cheep stuff your after.. as well as a test site or 30 to see if the stuff works... isn't that amazing.. [j/k]

    and AG.. yep check out the features either in the owners manual (RTFM) or on the Canon website.. many of the canons I have played with don't support the feature.. that is the still cameras..

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    I have a Sony, and it will not work as a web cam. Although it will show its pichures on a TV. Another modle of Sony will work as a web cam though, so as stated above.....check your instruction book or the manufacters web site.
    You can buy a web cam now for under $20, and with it, you are not taking any chances with a more expensive digital camera.
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    Yeah it depends on the model, my digital cam also doubles as a web cam but not digital cams have the function.

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    Hmm....well theres two ways you could go here...

    One, a true webcam...which you would expect to have a very fast performance..and somewhere around 10fps..

    Or, you can configure your camera to take a picture and so seconds..and publish it on the net. Whether you can take the picture automatically, depends on the software you have for your digital camera. Publishing the pictures onto one static that can be a bit of a hard one.. meta refresh might help you with you don't want your users to have to press the refresh button every time your cam takes a picture lol. So, what you need to do, so far from what i've seen.. Is have your camera be hooked up to ur puta and take a pic every so and so seconds, and somehow make the page either act like a webcam in nature, where only the movie refreshes and not the page, or use metarefresh..or have the images made into a movie.....lets say 1 or 2 minutes long, and then have it published onto a page..and then refresh after 3 or 4 you have to allow for the 1 or 2 minute recording...

    Just some Idea's..
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