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    Quick Question

    I'm looking for a decent ssh server and client for windows 98, one that is fairly secure (or comes with advice to make it secure) and won't cost money, because I am poor right now and can't afford to buy anything
    I need to be able to get full access to my computer at home from school (I run win98 on the home box I want to connect to, and Debian Linux on my notebook). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    That should work for both the server and the client... Putty is also very good, and I recommend it. Its what I use tot SSH to my home computer from the university.
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    Putty is very good and it does not need any admin privileges (you can download the binary) in case you have a limited account at school...
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    You mean you actually INTEND to leave a Win98 machine permanently on the net as a server?

    You really have to consider getting NT4.0, you should be able to pick that up for next to nothing these days?

    IMHO all 9.x has no security at all, unless you are prepared to spend serious money!!!....and another OS is a lot cheaper.........*nix is an alternative?

    I am, of course, assuming that you have permission from you Administrators to connect to a virus ridden home computer

    Take care

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