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Thread: windows xp home edition boot up problems

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    windows xp home edition boot up problems

    I'm having problems with an emachine running windows xp home edition

    my problem is that the pc needed to b upgraded and cleaned so i used a cleaning program call system mechanic and added a ram stick 256 mb. This was friday the pc was working fine so i restarded and went home, so today i went back to my friends house and started it again but it wouldn't start it would ask me if i want to start the pc on safe mode or go into last known good config or start it normal........i went to start normal and it rebooted the pc, tried safe mode did the same thing, and last known good configuration did the same.......................

    Can anyone please help

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    i think it was the cleaning software that caused the problem but not really sure, i took out the mem that i had intalled on it and i still got the same message...........i don't really know what the problem is but i want to fix i tried everything that i know from fdisk /mbr to chkdsk etc......

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    try putting in the xp cd.. boot from it and select repair.

    you might also take a look at

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    In this caseI would be inclined to do a repair install Boot to the install cd and proceed through the insyallation as initially except choose repair install this post is just a clarification If you choose repair at the firt propt you will be in the recovery console not the repair install as desired Good luck and hope you post your results

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