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Thread: Check this image out.

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    Check this image out.

    I have got to say that when I saw this image my jaw just about dropped. I've never seen an image as creative as this one before.

    Island Dream

    Actually there's more :

    I just noticed something. To able to download the image and use it as a wallpaper etc etc you will need to register. Dont try and save by right-clicking on the image it because it just wont work you'll just get a blank image. Just a forewarning if you decide to try it.

    Note : I'm not advertising for them before anyone accuses me. I just wanted to share the site which I thought has some pretty neat images.

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    Not bad at all - I think I have mentioned it before, but drop over to this site when you have time to spare and take a look at some of the photo/picture touch up's people are doing with photoshop .... some of it is really good and some quite funny.

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    Actually, I didn't steal it. I only went to the site
    and they downloaded it to my hard drive without
    my authorization.
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