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Thread: Windows/DOS Tutorial

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    Windows/DOS Tutorial

    There is a tutorial on my website for Windows/DOS

    Registry Tweaks
    Security (circumvention)
    Random Tips/Tricks

    It isn't inherently large, but I'm adding to it as I go.
    There is a contact page in the tutorial if you have suggestions.

    There is also an option to download the entire tutorial if you wish.
    (a few HTML docs is all)

    The link to the tutorial is on the left of the page...and be sure to check my DevCD as well...if you're a developer.
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    I might be wrong when I say this, but I don't consider this a tutorial or atleast this shouldn't be in this forum. This forum is more for when you are posting a Tutorial to the Forum yes and true you can see the Tutorial if you go to the link. But it isn't here on the server. I might be wrong but IMHO it would be better if you put this link in GCC.

    Just my opinion.

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