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Thread: Free Domain name or even subdomain name

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    Question Free Domain name or even subdomain name

    All I want is a free domain name or subdomain name I dont care what the cons are for it I just want the domain name. I want to use my linux box to host a remote website for just general fun and practice. The only problem is I cant find any sites that dont wanna host it for me or will let me just use the subdomain name and send it to my IP address.

    Anyone know of any sites that will give me the ability to do this at all. Someone I was talking to said that a site did this for them and even gave them a program that would automatically alert the site if your IP address changed.

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    These two are what you heard about.

    and I think there must be more like

    You will need a pice of software for update-ing the dns.

    If you just want a url-redirector like, I suggest you , you'll get redirected to and no software needed since you won't host the dns.


    like Und3ertak3r suggested it is thanks!

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    Your last URL may be better if it was

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